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Turn Whitegoods Hipster

It seems that being a hipster is the cool thing to do these days. Everywhere I look, HIPSTERS! If you want to take being a hipster to the next level, then you best be purchasing a giant hipster mustache that can be placed on almost anything. Turn your washing machine into a hipster, like the picture above. Or your car. Or fridge. Or front door. I could get going and going. But I wont.

minimalist wallets

14 Tiny Minimalist Wallets for Men

The wallet is changing. From a thick piece of leather jammed with receipts, cash, cards and more, ala George Costanza. Your new wallet is going to be a slim, minimal piece of genius. In this collection you will see minimal wallets made from leather, metal, carbon and wood. Yes, wood.
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marijuana cooking

16 Tasty Marijuana Cookbooks

Is this one a bit of a controversial subject to be writing about? Marijuana, weed, dope, whatever you want to call it, a majority of the population has at least tried weed. In fact, a lot of people use weed to help with pain, especially when it comes to the pain inflicted by shitty diseases like cancer. This is where I have no problem with marijuana use. Actually, I have no problem with marijuana use at all.
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killer coffee

8 Strong Coffee Blends That Will Put Hairs on Your Chest

Last night I went to a friends 40th birthday and drank myself silly and this morning, all I wanted was a nice cup of strong coffee. The kind of coffee that destroys hangovers, or puts hairs on your chest, including you ladies. However, I had none. None at all. And, after writing a list of awesome coffee cups, I thought that a list of extra strong coffee blends would be the perfect way to follow up those mugs. Now, which pack do I buy so I am never in this situation again?
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awesome scooby doo tshirts

15 Insane & Crazy Scooby Doo T-Shirts

Do you remember sitting at home and watching the crazy antics the Mystery Inc team used to get up to? And the villain who, when caught, would always say “I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling kids!”? Great memories. Did you ever notice that the villains in Scooby Doo never actually did anything that bad? Usually, they would just dress up and scare people for some sort of personal gain. There were never any murders or anything too exciting for the gang to solve. Weird. Anyway, if you are a fan of the show, then you will enjoy these Scooby Doo t-shirts.
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27 gnarly snowboards

27 Gnarly Snowboards

Now that the Winter Olympics have come and gone, I miss watching my TV being filled with Winter athletes from across the world “shredding”, I thought it would be the best time to reminice and post some awesome snowboard designs that you can buy. Naturally, I cant “shred”. I have no idea what you need to do when it comes to getting on a snowboard. But, what I can tell you is this: I like snowboards and the chicks who ride them. Why are the all so cute?
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giant swiss army knife

Giant Swiss Army Knife

Although it may look like some sort of brilliant photoshopping effort, this giant Swiss army knife is 100% legit. And, it comes with a 100% legit price of $1,349.00. With 87 implements that can perform 141 functions, this is the only Swiss army knife you are going to need. Throw all the other swiss army knives you have in to the bin. Here is a list of all of the features.
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iphone camera

5 Handy Camera Apps for Your iPhone

This collection of five camera apps for the iPhone have the highest recommendations by expert photographers. These camera apps are the most ideal apps available if you want to take the best pictures without having to actually carry around a point and click or DSLR. Not only will Using these camera apps increase the chance that the images you shot with your phones camera are actually worth something, you might feel proud about the results you have achieved!
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1 year of food

In Case of Disaster – 1 Year of Food

Thanks fuck for the team at CostCo. In an effort to help us all prepare for what gloom lays ahead, they have put together this exciting package of food which will feed 1 person for 1 year. And, dont worry about the food going out of date, most of this nasty tasty shit will last for up to 25 years. Mmmmmmmm. Yummy.
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